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In a quaint, older home, 3,256 square feet in size. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Studio City, Ca. We installed a 3 1/2 ton air handler of Daikin make. With it, a three and a half ton heat pump was installed of Daikin making. We added refrigerant lines, control wiring, condensate drain system and secondary drain pan. This job was a little tricky because the client was remodeling his home and had very specific locations he needed the units positioned. With a positive outlook and determination the job was completed.


In the middle of downtown Los Angeles, in a commercial building. We installed 1 four ton unit and 4 five ton units all of Daikin make. This job had it's obstacles. The building was rather old and some spaces were difficult to enter. These older building hold a challenge because they weren't structured for larger units. With a crane and some ingenuity, we got the job done. Another satisfied customer.

Done in the heart of West Hollywood on a property of 3,234 square feet. We installed six different units. 2 five ton units and 4 two ton units of Daikin making. With our entire team engaged, we finished the install in less than a week. Larger jobs are never an issue. We will put all hands on deck to assure we finish in a fast and timely manner.

By Dodger Stadium, on the outskirts of down town Los Angeles lives a 1,742 square foot home. Built in 1926, the property called for a total overhaul of their unit, the property had the same unit it did the last time it changed owner's hands, since 1977. It was commendable of the unit to have lasted that long but it was time for a change. We decided two and half ton heat pump condenser would be the best way to go. Space was limited, so we found a crawl space just big enough for a technician and the unit. With some rope and bright techs, we managed to get the unit in the smaller home and the customer couldn't have been more thankful!

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