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Established in 1994, family owned and dedicated to the greater Los Angeles area. No HVAC job too big or small. Comfort Zone Heating & Air, excels where others have failed.

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A little about us...

Our Founder, Jim Edwards

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim always had an adventurers spirit. Whether camping in the great outdoors or intermittingly  moving from town to town,  to see what a new horizon had to offer! From Alaska to inevitably Vietnam to Los Angeles, Jim was a voyager!

But through it all, the soil in which Jim was born, was always his true love. That deep rooted love for his fellow countrymen and the liberties he held so dear, led him to the join Americas finest! A war was in full flux, Jim put his life on pause and made sure he did his part to uphold democracy. Through Jim and many men who sacrificed, our nation stood proud!

Coming back to America, Jim had a clarity that only a man who had experienced the fragility of life, would know.  Jim was focused, he yearned to be

with his childhood sweetheart and starting a family. And with that focus an initiative was taken! Soon Jim married his childhood sweetheart and soon had his first son. Through this new path, Jim aspired to be the best father he could be. This met Jim with an array of jobs he knew would not lead his family anywhere and were inevitably going to cause him physical harm. By luck, Jim applied to a local HVAC company and from there on is where his new path and following would lead. Jim moved up the company he worked for. From helper to the install team to a technician, to eventually the manager to the business he dedicated himself to.

Jim could see his children were growing, his two sons, Kevin & Korey. He wanted to leave behind something to his children that could help them in the future... Jim, as he had always done, laced up his boots and went to work! Jim worked tirelessly to save enough to rent his first brick and mortar. By this point his eldest son Kevin, was old enough and invested enough where he wanted to help his dad's business succeed. Together they worked hand in hand on 100 degree afternoons, small, fear inducing crevice's, dead and live animals, to just the scars accumulated from hard the hardships of business and pushing yourself a little harder each and every day.

To date, the third generation Edwards member is joining the team. We have seen the largest growth over the last 5 years and especially our last! Let's us know we are doing something right, something Jim would be proud of! We strive to meet our customer's needs, affordably and with a demand to detail! We know we have a winning formula! With Kevin Edwards now at the helm, the future is bright and skies the limit. We are Comfort Zone Heating & Air and we succeed where others have failed!


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